Sanding & Polishing Equipment

Galaxy BD12 Patented belt/drum sander.

The Galaxy BD 12 is a prime example of the innovative creativity and engineering that Galaxy consistantly delivers. The BD 12 is a state of the art floor sanding machine that combines both a patented belt sander and drum sander in one machine.

Having the flexability of using either sanding option, allows you the ability to aggressively tackle difficult projects with a drum sander while using a belt sander for precision.

At Galaxy, we have designed the BD 12 recognizing that you need the freedom of customizing each project to the specific needs that are required. Whether you need to increase production or ensure the finest finish, the BD 12 is the perfect tool to ensure the best possible results.

Alto Super 7R Wood Floor Edger

The Alto Super 7R edger is designed for productivity and dependability. This edger features a polished aluminum alloy housing, precision balanced sanding pad and 1 hp universal motor. The Super 7 edger includes dust collector bag, 50' cord, pad wrench and carrying case.

Polivac High Speed Electric Burnisher - Brilliant floor results

The 40cm Ultra High Speed Burnisher is the second addition to Polivac's highly successful electric burnishing range. The 1700RPM pad/brush speed achieves a fantastic "wet look shine and lustre", specifically designed for use in smaller, hard to maintain area's.

When in use, it is extremely quiet, utilising the successful In-built vacuum system. When you combine effective dust control with the quick release system for brushes or pads designed to follow the contours of a floor, an outstanding burnishing performance is achieved. With brilliant performance and efficiency the machine is perfect for schools, hospitals, hotels and smaller supermarkets and retail areas.

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