Maintenance Products

You may have a flooring project coming up with Artpine or already have polished floors. We always advise our customers of their maintenance obligations to keep there floor looking well, up-to-scratch!

Our maintenance products not only help you clean your floor but bring them back to life when wear and tear are apparent (or recoating is not an option).

Please contact our staff to receive advice on which maintenance program will suit your floor. Customers will receive full written instructions with all purchases and products can be delivered to your door!

For Oiled floors

Peerless start-up kit For floors sealed with Tung oil or Oil modified products it is recommended these floors be maintained on a regular basis.
A peerless start-up kit is essential and provides the following:
For Polyurethane floors

4420 Floor clean - 4400 Revive The following maintenance products are available:

4420 Floor clean 4400 Revive

Care Instructions

Coatings generally take between 24 - 48 hours to dry, but they will take approximately 7 - 14days to fully harden. It is important to follow these guidelines:


General information for all finishes

Use Mats
Shoes carry sand, grit and small stones which will abrade the floor surface in the same way that sandpaper does. Place mats at entrances and where possible place a mat on the inside as well as outside. Use runners and rugs in high traffic areas.

Direct Sunlight
Like any quality furnishings or floor covering in your home, direct sunlight will cause discolouring over time. To avoid fading and discolouring, filter direct sunlight with curtains or blinds.

Maintenance plan
Artpine floor sanding & polishing - Photo Gallery The most important thing you can do to keep your floor looking like new is to establish a regular maintenance/cleaning program. Just how regularly you need to maintain/clean the floor is totally dependent on the environment the floor is in. Factors such as the level of traffic, the degree of grit carried onto the floor, pets and children, the condition of the immediate outside area, etc... all have significant influence on the wear of the floor.

Use an anti-static dust mop to collect dust and dirt. Note some people use a vacuum cleaner, generally we recommend against vacuum cleaners because often the brushes on the vacuum head wear thin and the floor is scratched by the metal.


Following a regular maintenance program will preserve the life of your hardwood floor for years. A hardwood floor should be recoated when the original finish is showing signs of wear but before it has worn down to the bare wood. Bare wood will be stained by dirt and grime and will need to be re-sanded.

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