Over the years, Artpine Floorsanding & Polishing have catalogued a number of equipment to ensure the best results for our customers. Please see below to find out more information about what we use to do so:

No job is too difficult to manage with the help of our Galaxy 12″ Belt Sander. With it’s drum sander, it allows for us to overcome the challenging whilst the belt sander allows for us to maintain precision. With it’s freedom of customisation, it allows for us to complete the job to meet your specific requirements.

An edging machine which helps us get to those hard to reach places; the Super 7 Edger is specifically designed for productivity and dependability with rugged construction and precision fitted components. To maintain efficiency while we work, the vacuum attachment allows for us to minimise the dust created and to keep the space tidy as we go.

A machine known for its practicality and versatility, the Polivac SV30 Suction Floor Sander has an international reputation as an efficient and reliable floor sander. Used for the final sanding, it allows for us to eliminate the little imperfections to ensure a smooth surface. With the included dust collection bag, it allows for the dust to be collected as we work, keeping the space tidy as we go.

Delivering a dust extraction solution which leaves the space practically dustless, the combination of the sander’s high power and quiet operation allows for us to work on those hard to reach places (in particular your stairs), making the Mirka Sander one of our favourite tools.

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