Preparation & Expectations

To ensure that you are well educated on what to expect and preparation required before the project begins, please refer to below:


  • Carpentry, electrical, plumbing, glazing and painting should be completed prior to any work on the floor
  • Silicone based products must not come into contact with the floor between the sanding and coating phases. This will cause rejection of the coating
  • Unless agreed to and quoted for, all floor coverings (including staples etc.) and furniture should be removed
  • Depending on the number and location of the rooms to be coated, alternative arrangements for accommodation may be necessary due to strong fumes and wet floors that cannot be walked on
  • Close all doors to rooms that are not required for sanding
  • During the sanding, coating and drying process, no tradesman or other persons will be able to walk on the floor until specified by the tradesman


  • The grain between new and old boards is likely to show some variation in colour
  • Areas filled with putty will not have the same feel as the timber even after coating
  • Sanding and polishing will not remove deep cuts in the boards i.e. cuts from carpet trimming knives
  • Removal of stains from within the boards and around nail holes (water marks, animal urine etc.) may not be possible
  • Gaps between the boards will not be filled. The gaps allow for future shrinking and expansion
  • Boards damaged by borer will not attain the same gloss level as boards in good condition

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